Changing your mindset – achieving breakthroughs for innovation

I recently participated in the British Council European Innovation lab supported by Latimer. The lab bought together 18 graduates from six cities in Europe to innovate around all things creative, learning and tech. The teams underwent an intensive process of ideation, data interpretation, iteration and co-creation. While all these are important elements for successful innovation, I believe that a change in mindsets is the most crucial one. While this may sound simple enough, we are all preconditioned with our own professional and personal biases. In a Forbes article about how leaders can enable innovation, there was a description of the personality type that innovation requires “…they are passionate explorers in pursuit of endless possibilities.   These explorers are courageous enough to take that leap of faith and follow it through all the way to the end.” This is a spot on description of the team I was involved in from Paris. Working with them required not only trusting their ideas but having a willingness to open up to things that appeared impossible and difficult to grasp.  The result was a fearless game-changing solution that embraces the latest virtual reality technology that could drastically increase access to learning and cultural interaction around the globe.

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